There are many ways in which you can help the Volunteer Auxiliary for Animal Shelters. While most people think of donations as strictly a monetary contribution, there are other ways you can donate that will also help the animals.

  • Time - You can volunteer your time and help us with the animals.  There are many opportunities to both work with and for the animals.  The dogs need daily walks, attention and love, the cats need daily care, attention and love, the weekly adoption bus events, and other various events that we hold each year.
  • Financial - If you do not have the time but still would like to help, financial donations are an easy and very important way to help the animals.  Many of our dogs and cats require veterinary care before they can be adopted, which is a large part of our budget.  You can donate through our PayPal charity account by clicking the button below.
  • Supplies - The animals can always use things.  Blankets, bedding, toys, food and other pet related items are always welcome.
  • Professional Services - Are you a veterinarian or a groomer?  Why not donate a service from time to time?
  • Unrelated Items - We will always accept unrelated items that are either new or in good, resalable condition.  If the item cannot be used for the animals, we will resell it to help finance the care and adoption services that we provide.